Sunday, November 21, 2010

ePortfolios will be central to the New-Form

For my Nov. 22, 2010 blog post on education reform, I'm going to piggy-back on Ira Socol's post. Ira points out that grade based schools need to go; Ira makes the point clearly and eloquently. One of the practical components to doing away with grade based schooling will be to implement portfolio based 'assessments.' Portfolios will be the product of the IEPs that Ira envisions for every student. We have the technology to make it happen, we just need to learn how to do it.

I also think that this 'piggy-backing' on each others ideas will be an important feature of the 'new' education system. Being the expert on any given topic is no longer of much use; it's not bad, but it's more important to be able to blend our thoughts and ideas with those of others to give those ideas real power. Twitter, Google apps, Moodle, and all of the other tools that will be showing up on all of the various devices we'll be using to communicate are important, but it's not the tool that's important; it's the sharing of human ideas.

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