Saturday, January 2, 2010


I didn't get anything posted here during the month of December. Getting ready for the Christmas break both at school and home was a necessary and obvious priority. I did write a guest post on Shelly Blake-Plock's TeachPaperless blog; it was sincere pleasure and honor to work with Shelly on the post. As Shelly points out on his blog and I alluded to in the post, this is the kind of sharing teachers need to be doing even more frequently.
It might be obvious, but blogging and even using Twitter ( I don't like the verbs, tweeting or micro-blogging) require writing skill and especially skill with some kind of electronic input tool (I'm still using mostly one of my two second-hand WindowsXP laptops.) Writing and 'typing' are skills that have essentially been worked around for years in education, justifiably or not. We can only hope that things like Dial2do or some of the other voice to text tools will make it easier for everyone to get their thoughts out to a place where they are more easily shared. 'Writing' in any of the many ways that word is defined is still one of the keys to teaching and learning.

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  1. What I could really use, is an app that could transfer my stream of thoughts into writing. I often do my best "writing" as I am falling asleep. I am always so sure that it is so brilliant that it will stick with me until morning. Most of the time, I can just come up with the loose ideas and not the verbage. I'm sure it will be here some day!