Thursday, October 25, 2012

If You're a Teacher, You're a Leader

   Early yesterday I told Kevin Cashman that I liked thinking about The Pause Principle / teachers / educational technology.  I said that in the note I sent to him thanking him for the copy of his new book, The Pause Principle,  that he'd sent me the day before.  And then, in the afternoon, I opened the link to this post by David Truss on his blogBoth David and Kevin are writing about leadership and what it takes to be a good leader. David writes about leadership in schools, Kevin writes about leadership in in the corporate world.
    A couple of years ago I wrote this in a blog post - "this 'piggy-backing' on each others ideas will be an important feature of the 'new' education system. Being the expert on any given topic is no longer of much use; it's not bad, but it's more important to be able to blend our thoughts and ideas with those of others to give those ideas real power."  Blending the thoughts of these two 'thought leaders' will, I think, provide some new perspectives and add power to what both are saying about leading.  Both David and Kevin have some charts about concepts; after a pause, I might compare or contrast their charts, but not today.  Today, as E.M. Forster would say, I'm only connecting. Mary E. Virnoche andGary T. Marx used Forster's  epigraph "only connect" to introduce their study of the possibility of a different social web than we have seen before. They're less optimistic than me about the possibilities of the web, but their work is worth considering.
   I'll write more about Kevin's book and leading with technology in schools - after a pause.  But, there's one more personal connection in The Pause Principle I want to point out.  Kevin and I have been friends for over 40 years since meeting in college (There's more than a couple of stories we could tell about each other.) The connection that illustrates a powerful pause for me is Kevin's mention of Dr. Tom Morgan of Augsburg college.  Kevin noted that Tom had steered him to some new research on the power of questioning.  Tom, the teacher, and Kevin, the leader, first met at my wedding 23 years ago - a connecting event.  I'm blessed to still have each of them to connect with and link to, to pose a question to after any length of pause.

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